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Gasser 2012 Forecast for the Gaming Industry

(Article published in the January 2012 issue of Casino Enterprise Management)

Mark GasserMark Gasser
Gasser Chair Co.

There’s no question that the overall downturn in casino gaming affected our sales volume. However, I’m a big believer in this industry and we envision a stronger recovery in 2012.  And we’ll be prepared since we intend to solidify our position as the leader of seating solutions through proactive, sound business practices such as investing in ourselves during this economic downturn.

We will continue dazzling existing and potential clients!

By strengthening our existing relationships by continuing to listen to our customers and providing solutions to their problems, in good times and bad, we’ll stay a leader in the seating manufacturing industry. For example, many casinos were opting to make do with their five to seven year old gaming furniture on the floor. Our answer was the Proven Solutions program, a selection of seating products acquired by Gasser Chair Company from satisfied repeat customers, which are factory re-manufactured in a “frame off” restoration process to our high quality standards. The result is a product that looks and performs as new! We have the technology and expertise to not only repurpose the product back into the mainstream, but we are also able to offer a Gasser quality product at a savings of 20 to 30% or more!

We’re also positioning ourselves to take advantage of new markets by investing in a new brand and award-winning advertising campaign. One disadvantage to having been in this business 65 years is that many customers take for granted that they know all about our product and capabilities. The campaign is very much in its infancy but has already served us well. While some companies get quiet during a downturn, we’ve come out screaming to capture the attention of the veterans in the industry and those that may not be as familiar with Gasser and know very little about our products and capabilities. To date, the campaign has been successful in introducing several new products and garnering qualified favorable responses at trade shows.

We look forward to being able to provide these same high quality products to our new customers and exceed their expectations. One of the new ways we surpass expectations is through the use of our new in-house Powder Coating station that not only offers an impressive array of colors, but more importantly, the station gives us the ability to strictly enforce quality control standards and achieve greater efficiencies with the manufacturing process.

When looking at new opportunities for 2012, we have slowly been surrounded by expanding casino gaming in other areas such as Indiana, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Ontario and Illinois, our home state of Ohio has licensed its first casinos and expects the properties to begin opening in 2012. You can bet we’re going after that business and hope to forge some new partnerships while strengthening existing ones in the surrounding areas.

Moving forward, we anticipate several new partnerships and product introductions as well as some new patents. It is an exciting time to be a part of this vibrant and growing industry. We believe the time is right for a major reinvestment in our business because of optimistic and positive developments in the gaming industry. Whether it’s technology, engineering, education or advertising, our investments are a statement about our confidence in the business and about being a true leader for seating solutions for the gaming industry. Customers can absolutely expect to hear more from Gasser Chair Company in 2012.

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