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G2E's Best Bets in 2012

Products showcased: Gasser Chair Co. showcased several new products this year. “One is the Coltrane series, which is a very ergonomic yet very functional product for the casinos,” said Mark Gasser, president of Gasser Chair Co. On the Coltrane series, Gasser has made part replacements easy by creating a two-piece easy chain seat. “We made a seat on this very ergonomic stool that is easy to change in a matter of two or three minutes,” Gasser commented. This proves to be a convenience for the maintenance staff, enabling them to make these replacements with a single tool and be back in business on the gaming floor.

Major focus: When it comes to competition, Gasser believes their committed success in the industry comes from years of experience and their manufacturing capabilities. “Our manufacturing includes a complete metal fabrication facility, wood fabrication and upholstery, so I think that gives us flexibility,” Gasser explained. No matter what timeline customers give Gasser Chair Co., Gasser delivers a custom product that has players sitting in comfort.

Gasser Chair at G2E

Key announcements: Gasser wants to let customers know they are committed to succeeding in the gaming industry and helping theircustomers succeed along with them. “We realize that if our customers are successful that we’ll be successful and we’re constantly listening to them,” Gasser said, “not just what they need, but their problems and we try to find solutions in advance of it becoming problems.”

Thoughts on the show: This year’s G2E has proven to be a great one for the company. “The traffic seems to be up, not just the number of people but also the quality of people,” Gasser said. “That is people with projects with the capital budgets and missions to accomplish at the show.”

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