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In February 2009, after accepting the Senior Director of Slots position for the proposed Calder Casino in Miami Gardens, Beverly Price left her native Louisiana for Florida. Understanding the many challenges involved in building a casino, Price took comfort in knowing that Gasser Chair Company could provide their products to fill the gaming floor.

The Calder Casino was a new construction project at Calder Race Course’s existing pari-mutuel facility. Calder broke ground on the $85 million building in June 2009, and the casino opened in January 2010.

Prior to joining Calder, Price had spent 15 years at the Harrah’s properties in Louisiana’s Shreveport/Bossier City market. Working multiple sites, she had exposure to a mix of chairs from multiple manufacturers. Price affirms that the Gasser chairs were of the highest quality and rarely required repairs.

Beverly Price

“Whenever I heard that a chair required maintenance, I could almost guarantee it to be another manufacturer’s product. It was rarely a Gasser product because their quality is exceptional, and I have known them to maintain outstanding quality.”

Beverly Price

Senior Director of Slots, Calder Casino & Race Course

During her time in Louisiana, Price and Gasser’s Louisiana account representative, New Orleans-based Nat Krasnoff, developed a successful working relationship. For the new Calder project, Price was thankful to again work with Krasnoff as well as with Alex Kaplan, Gasser’s representative for Florida. Their combined expertise made the selection process stress free.

“Nat knew my thought processes regarding Calder’s slot floor and slot chairs. With a new property, there are too many unknowns, and I didn’t want to ‘gamble’ on an unknown product. I am certain that no one else could have offered the same timely support,” says Price.

Calder had a seating budget, and Price invited six additional chair manufacturers to submit bids. She recognizes the importance of quality chairs to the casino’s design and success.

Price says, “I checked out our competitors, and then looked at artists’ renderings of casino décor/design. We wanted a chair that would surpass our competition, so we thoroughly investigated the seating. We sat on chairs from several companies, examined them, studied the construction and then sat on them some more.

Chairs can enhance the casino experience, go unnoticed, or make life miserable with guest complaints and constant maintenance. We have an older demographic, and we set out to ensure that our guests would be as comfortable after hours of play as they were when they first sat down. Casinos often attract dirt, so we wanted elegant, durable chairs that we could easily keep clean.”

Price’s experience with Gasser again proved positive. She praises the joint efforts of Gasser’s great team members, whom she believes always strive to benefit the customer. Kaplan coordinated the ordering and delivery process with Krasnoff in order to complete the 1,225-chair order in a timely manner.

“The upholstery selection is always the most time consuming and difficult aspect, but Nat and Alex teamed up to expedite it all. Nat met with our casino design firm in New Orleans to organize the fabric choices before forwarding them to me. Although significant time was involved, Alex was always available to deliver and discuss a sample. He was always accessible if and when we needed him,” Price says.

Ultimately, Price selected the Gasser G092-037-114-SR6 medium-round back ergonomic chair with four legs. Easy to move, the chairs have brown and bronze textured vinyl cushions that are filled with new memory foam for comfort and endurance. They proved to be an excellent complement to the garden-themed decor.

Again, Price praises Gasser’s accommodation of her schedule on the delivery. She explains, “Chair production was completed earlier than we could install them. Rather than ship the chairs, and leave the warehousing to Calder, Gasser delayed the delivery, warehousing the chairs in their Ohio facility. I really appreciated that Gasser was willing to store our order for several weeks. After all, that could limit the space they needed for their next project.”

Price believes she and the Gasser employees share similar pride in their respective companies. “All of my Gasser contacts are very professional and courteous. Everyone is terrific, from sales to manufacturing to contracts and invoices. I received quality support from people who know their business and their product. I’d recommend Gasser in an instant,” she says.

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