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Christopher Trabue

“...I wanted to find the highest quality seating available. I had always thought favorably of Gasser Chair Company since their products had been used primarily at several Isle of Capri properties, [my former employer]. I know that Gasser’s quality reputation comes from serving the industry well for decades,” said Trabue, Calder's Director of Poker Operations.”

Christopher Trabue

Director of Poker Operations, Calder Casino & Race Course

In June 2009, Christopher Trabue joined the Calder Casino & Race Course casino team in Miami Gardens, Florida. At the time of his hiring as Director of Poker, construction was underway on the new STUDZ poker room, which opened on October 23, 2009.

Since its first race in May 1971, Calder has long been a South Florida racing fixture. The casino and poker room were welcome additions to the complex.

Trabue immediately focused on selecting the perfect player and dealer chairs for the property’s proposed 29-table poker room. As a former Isle of Capri employee, Trabue had had several years experience working with poker, and has always understood that comfort motivates customers to play longer.

The selection process offered several vendors an equal opportunity to present their seating options. In June 2009, each bidding company submitted sample chairs for evaluation.

He said, “We changed out the chairs daily to get a true impression of each seat from every supplier, and determined that Gasser chairs were the best. They maintained their comfort the longest, which is important to poker players. I can play for hours, and I definitely want a comfortable chair for that length of time.”

Calder Studz Poker RoomUltimately, Trabue chose the Gasser P100LC model. He acknowledges that several competitors did want to replicate Gasser’s ergonomic chair back, but he rejected their offers.

However, Trabue did alter the original Gasser sample a bit by requesting that casters be installed for easy movement and that the factory increase the foam in the dealers’ chairs. Aesthetically, he also added the “STUDZ” logo to the chair backs.

Trabue praises Gasser’s professionalism in coordinating the entire order and its delivery. The late September delivery allowed plenty of time to test the chairs prior to the poker room opening. Trabue also commended Gasser’s flexibility in accommodating Calder’s schedule.

“In late June, I began working with Alex, our account representative, on sampling the chair. By late July, I ordered 300 regular player and 31 dealer seats. We limit deliveries to the late night and overnight hours because of daytime horse racing activity. Alex was here in the middle of the night to ensure that all went well. He did a heck of a job, and has followed up several times since,” states Trabue.

The poker chairs have held up extremely well during their first several months on location. Trabue states all are still first generation, and he has not needed to address any quality issues.

Trabue claims, “We have not replaced any casters or dealer chair hydraulics, which can be a common thing. Gasser produces quality chairs with absolute real value.”

While Trabue really enjoys his poker chairs, so do his colleagues. Of the 10 extras he ordered as backups, several have already found their way to employee offices in other departments. Everyone received new furniture for the opening, but they do seem to prefer the poker chairs.

At this time, Calder Casino & Race Course has no future expansion plans. Thanks to the high quality of their poker chairs, they will not need to replace them for a long time.

According to Trabue, “It is ironic…because Gasser’s chairs are so great, we won’t need to buy new chairs any time soon.”

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