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Louis GasserIt was in the mid-forties that the three Gasser brothers, Louis, Roger and George, decided to combine their talents and set out on the next phase of their lives. With a few ideas and very little money, they set up shop to work with a relatively new material at the time, aluminum. Tapping into some of the local expertise available in their industrial hometown area of Youngstown, Ohio, they began providing services to local companies, such as assembling aluminum storm windows and screens, welding aluminum beer kegs, and even fabricating custom parts for a prototype helicopter.

Roger GasserDriven to develop their own product line, they began designing and manufacturing aluminum-frame dinette sets.  With minor success selling these chairs and tables close to home, a young George Gasser loaded a few chairs into the back of his car and headed to Chicago to exhibit at the National Restaurant Show. Attendees were intrigued by Gasser’s highly durable, lightweight chairs and, at the close of the show, George left Chicago with a nice order, several good leads and a whole new market to develop.

The brothers realized that if their young company was going to succeed, however, innovative design alone was not going to be enough. It was during this period in the company’s history that the key components of their business – enduring work ethics, sound engineering principles and meticulous attention to detail – were established. 

George GasserToday, Gasser Chair Company remains a family owned business. The second and third generations of the Gasser family, teamed with some of the finest skilled people in all aspects of the business, are guided by the founders' original principles.  Together they proudly continue the tradition and philosophy of developing innovative solutions to customers' seating requirements and skillfully manufacturing the finest quality seating.


Many companies market themselves as industry leaders; Gasser Chair is one of the few that can back up that claim. From the earliest days of their business, product development and improvement were the constant challenges. And, not surprisingly, it was simply listening to customers that provided the opportunity for many of their successful innovations.

The 1940s and 50s – A New Material; Adding Comfort

  • Gasser Chair Company developed a new and unique style of seating, specifically for the hospitality industry, with a durable, lightweight aluminum frame that offered a new and different choice of frame finishes and colors.
  • Expanding the aluminum frame concept, Gasser introduced a flexible, aluminum bracket to connect a seat and backrest in order to provide greater seating comfort. This innovation led to the development of Gasser’s “Comfort Zone”® seating line… the hospitality industry's first seating with a flexible backrest.

The 1960s and 70s – Quality and Innovation

  • As proof and assurance of the superior quality and durability of its product line, Gasser Chair Company introduced a ten-year warranty, the longest warranty of its kind for commercial seating.
  • Gasser promoted casters and swivels to allow for greater ease of mobility on restaurant and lounge seating.
  • Gasser introduced the concept of seating specifically designed for use at slot machines to the casinos in Lake Tahoe, NV.
  • In the hospitality and gaming industries, excess wear and tear, especially along the perimeter of the backrests of chairs, had been a long standing problem. As a solution, George Gasser designed and patented a specially extruded vinyl edging to guard against such damage, and the company subsequently introduced the "Protective Edge" on its entire seating line, now known as the “Trademark Collection”.

The 1980s and 90s – Adding Value and New Opportunities

  • Gasser developed and patented the “Protective Table Edge”, designed to provide a similar function as, and coordinate with, the “Protective Edge” for it’s chairs.
  • The unique, overall appearances of several Gasser “Trademark Collection” models are deemed to have established trade dress rights.  These rights have been upheld in Federal District Court as well as the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • Gasser introduced a new and unique “Quick Release” base for casino slot seating… this base is securely attached to a slot machine cabinet with a specially designed bracket that allows the entire seating unit to be easily and quickly removed to accommodate someone in a wheelchair, as well as for housekeeping and machine service purposes.
  • Gasser acquired Lifeline Manufacturing to expand its product line with the ability to design and manufacture a complete new line of hardwood frame seating, the “Club Collection”.
  • Gasser introduced the “Easy Change” seat, allowing for the quick and simple replacement of a damaged seat cushion.

2000 to date – Growth and Innovation for a New Millennium

  • Gasser introduced a new and exciting line of stackable ‘designer’ chairs, the “KL Series”.
  • Gasser developed an ergonomic seat and backrest on certain models of its hospitality and gaming seating.
  • Gasser introduced and the Player-Adjustable Seat Height (PASH) on its line of gaming seating.
  • Gasser acquired Quality Seating Company to expand its product line with the ability to engineer, design and manufacture custom booth seating.
  • Gasser introduced the first disc-style base with directional rollers for casino slot seating.
  • Gasser introduced an innovative "Flex-Back” on new models to its wood-frame seating, the “Club Collection”.
  • Gasser introduced new models with a “Dual-Flex” backrest, designed to enhance and increase long-term seating comfort.
  • Gasser introduced the ingenious "Halo Base" (U.S Patent #D654,728) solution which significantly reduces the force required to move heavy gaming stools on carpeted flooring, while reducing abrasive carpet wear and tear that a traditional disc base creates. Learn more...
Gary Gasser

“We take great pride and care in providing the finest quality products and service worldwide – seating with comfort, design and durability second to none; seating that offers a better return for your investment. Gasser products and service dazzle... this is what sets us apart!”

Gary L. Gasser

CEO, Gasser Chair Co.

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