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April 5th 2018th

Gasser produces 17,000 custom chairs for the meeting/banquet complex

No one can miss Aria Resort and Casino, MGM International Resorts' 4,000,000-square-foot property on the Las Vegas Strip. At 600 feet high, Aria has dominated the skyline since its December 2009 opening and remains the flagship of the 76-acre CityCenter complex. Aria is so sophisticated that Popular Mechanicscalled it "the most technologically advanced hotel ever built." To fulfill the need for 17,000 new chairs to be used at Aria's expanded 300,000-square-foot convention center, MGM executives desired appealing, efficient designs. They recognized that the sheer magnitude ofsuch a purchase required a top quality seating manufacturer. More importantly,MGMreally needed a partner to see it through fruition. After evaluating multiple proposals, MGM ultimately selected Youngstown, OH-based Gasser Chair Company (Gasser). Gasser Business Development Manager Shawn Danks states, "In mid-2017, MGM offered Gasser an opportunity to develop a custom seating solution for the Aria convention center. Over six months, we submitted multiple prototypes for the property's review. Gasser's vertically integrated manufacturing style facilitated our rapid response to customer feedback throughout every round of sampling. We secured the business in late 2017. Gasser views our relationship as an enduring partnership because our in-house manufacturing provides superior quality control." MGM personnel, including Aria Assistant Director of Catering Woody Saulter and Director of Banquets Debra Gonzales, had significant influence from the beginning. MGM preferred a unique, practical design for the multi-use chairs. To expedite distribution and placement among all convention centerspaces, MGM required chairs that would stack at least 11 high. Gasser's team met this expectation and to further improve mobility, Gasser developed a five-wheel, customized super-duty hand truck (HT-30). Aria divided its order into two groups, designating the first 5,000 chairs to the new expansion convention area. The remaining 12,000 units were installed in its existing convention space. Gasser committed to a phased-in delivery schedule, averaging two truckloads per month. Each truck carried approximately1,000 chairs and Aria received its first delivery in late January 2018. The final shipment arrived in late October. "This project showcased our team's dedication to quality. The entire staff worked long hours, weekends and even holidays to achieve our goal for Aria. That 'whatever it takes' attitude motivates our success as a company," says Danks.
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