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Historically speaking. In 1946, three brothers came together to realize a dream. From there, Gasser was born.

In the beginning

Tapping into Youngstown, Ohio’s thriving manufacturing base, Louis, Roger and George Gasser roll open the doors to a metal fabrication shop. Their primary material? A sturdy, lightweight metal known as aluminum.

Gasser original barn

Filled with an entrepreneurial spirit and blue-collar grit, the Gassers begin partnering with local companies, assembling aluminum storm windows and screens, welding aluminum beer kegs, and going so far as to create custom parts for a prototype helicopter. No request is beyond their capabilities.



Over 1.6 Million

Chairs Built.

Youngstown, Ohio


Frame 1386 3x

Growth mindset

Growth doesn’t occur in a vacuum. To outpace the competition, the Gasser brothers begin to grow their culture around three core tenets: a strong work ethic, sound engineering principles, and meticulous attention to detail.

Inspiration meets innovation.

With an eye toward producing their own products, the Gassers create their first aluminum-framed dinette set.

Gasser sustainability

As sales stagnate close to home, George Gasser loads several chairs into his car and attends the National Restaurant Show. Attendees are immediately struck by the durable, lightweight design. By show’s end, Gasser would secure a large order of banquet chairs along with a handful of solid leads.

Gasser going forward

Gary Gasser, CEO, and Mark Gasser, President, continue to lead the family business forward. Through uncompromising design and engineering, and the best components available, Gasser continues to drive innovation in the gaming and hospitality industries.

Our innovative history

1950 gasser

40s and 50s

Materially better

Leveraging a durable, lightweight metal known as aluminum, the first Gasser dinette seat makes an immediate impression on the hospitality industry.

1979 biltomre gasser

60s and 70s

Quality promise

Putting words into action, Gasser begins to offer a 10-year warranty on all its products.

1980 gasser

80s and 90s

Gaining the edge

Putting lasting durability at the forefront, Gasser develops a protective edge for its tables and chairs.

2023 gasser

2000 to Present

Continual reinvention

Backed by new products like the Rayen Gaming Series, Gasser continues to find answers to customer needs.

Let’s build something great together

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