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Gasser Green Initiatives

Gasser’s commitment to the environment has been a matter of policy from the very beginning. As an industry leader of sustainable chair manufacturing, understanding our impact allows us to improve our plan for a carbon neutral future.

Annual Report
Gasser's 2023 Sustainability Report

Sustainable every step of the way.


Our sourcing process strives to make the lightest carbon footprint possible. We source our raw materials locally and regionally when possible, prioritize post-consumer raw materials and aspire to eliminate single use products.


Built to last, our quality products offer a longer lifecycle to reduce landfill waste for a cleaner planet. Our advanced manufacturing methods improve efficiency while reducing scrap. Leftover scrap is sent for upcycling to further eliminate waste and save energy.

Post Production

Committing to a circular economy, we reuse, recycle, and repurpose all materials as much as possible.  Examples include blanket wrapped shipping, reusing or recycling shipping materials, and offering resources to repurpose the chairs being replaced.

Where we’re headed


Carbon neutral by 2025.


95% waste diversion by 2024.  (85% Currently)


Annual sustainability reports and auditing.


Employee incentivized recycling program.

Our production facilities.

Gasser sustainability

Energy-management initiatives

With a large manufacturing campus, we efficiently manage energy consumption through various approaches. We work to save energy through using an electronically controlled ventilation system, LED lighting, and radiant heating systems.

Gasser powder coat

Clean air and water methods

Our eco-friendly production process works to promote cleaner water and air from start to finish. We use finishes that reduce VOCs along with a negative ion generator to eliminate fumes. Additionally, our reverse osmosis powder coat line supplies clean water back into the system.

Zero Waste Plan by 2024 (95% Waste Diversion)

Our 2023 waste audit reported an impressive 85% waste diversion rate. This diversion rate was achieved through Gasser’s current circular (upcycled) product design, green manufacturing methods, and recycling products and recycling program. The audit confirmed that fabric off-fall is the largest contributor of manufactured waste. Most importantly, we identified a path to a Zero Waste manufacturing campus by 2023 with following actions:

Developing material off-fall partnerships with companies such as Fabscrap and Environmental Solutions that upcycle and recycle processed fabric
Improved Employee Recycling Programs of post-consumer goods
Employee Compost Program
Gasser sustainability 2
Fab scrap

Have a green idea for us?

If you have a sustainability insight to offer, we take good ideas from anywhere they come.

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