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Make it your own by selecting any commercial grade upholstery for your chair.

Make it your own.

Choose any fabrics, specialized upholsteries, designer prints and patterns, or send us your own.

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Special order material (SOM)

You spec the upholstery, and we buy it for you.

Customer order material (COM)

Want to buy your own upholstery? Send it to us.

Need help selecting upholstery?

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Mayer Fabrics

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Things to consider when selecting upholstery.

Wyzenbock double rubs


All commercial grade upholsteries will carry a double rub rating which will indicate how well the material handles abrasion. What’s important: Consider the material placement and durability of materials for each chair. Remember to choose durable materials for high-wear areas such as the seat and back.

Cleaning upholstery


Every upholstery has a specific cleaning method to follow. What’s important: Understand the mill’s recommended cleaning guidelines and educate your designated staff accordingly.

Sustainability uph


Select textiles made from recycled contents along with materials without harmful chemical additives. What’s important: Carefully choose chair components that align with your company’s sustainability goals.

Upholstery treatments.

Diamond Tufting

Diamond Tufting

Hand-pleated tufting with deep foam padding on the inside or outside of the backrest.

Channel Sewn Tufting

Channel Sewn Tufting

Sewn channel shapes in the backrest padding and/or seat.

Button Tufting

Button Tufting

Sewn and padded diamond shapes with decorative nails.

Head-to-Head Tacking

Head-to-Head Tacking

Decorative nails applied individually, usually around the perimeter of a back.

Accenting Upholstery

Accenting Upholstery

Additional panels added to backrest with accenting upholsteries.



Get your logo or custom design embroidered onto your chair.

Need help selecting upholstery?

Let us help you select upholstery for your built-to-order chair.

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