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Internal Green Initiatives

In order to significantly reduce our environmental footprint, we have introduced a wide range of measures that we adhere to as a matter of policy:

Upon delivery of new seating products to customers, Gasser offers to take back existing, used Gasser seating to be refurbished or properly recycled.

Gasser actively seeks to reduce packaging entering the waste stream by shipping products with reusable materials and recycling them at the end of their useful life.

Gasser has instituted company-wide recycling programs that include such materials as aluminum, steel, polyurethane, cardboard, paper, plastic and glass.

Gasser's recycling program extends into such equipment and supplies as printer toner cartridges, cell phones and batteries.

Gasser offers a number of upholstery choices that are made with recycled content.

Gasser offers environmentally friendly finishes on their wood products and powdercoated finish products (no VOC's).

In order to reduce harmful emissions during the transportation of materials, Gasser employs local vendors whenever possible.

Production Facilities

Gasser continues to successfully expand its green program throughout its production facilities. Through a combination of recycling and energy-management initiatives the company has been not only able to eliminate most waste, but also improve the overall quality of the working environment for our employees. Here is a sampling of what we are doing:

Gasser recycles solvents that are then repurposed.

Gasser recycles wood off-fall for use as landscaping material at Gasser facilities.

Gasser reduces energy consumption through the use of an electronically controlled ventilation system.

Gasser increases energy efficiency and improves lighting through the use of energy-efficient lighting fixtures.

Gasser eliminates fumes in the welding area by installing a negative ion generator.

Gasser increases heating efficiency in many production areas through the use of radiant heating systems.

Lean Initiatives

In our ongoing effort to improve customer value, Gasser introduced an initiative in 2006 that allowed us to manufacture our products in the most efficient manner possible. This initiative, known as ‘lean,’ is renowned for its reduction of waste and improvement in productivity.

Lean implementation is focused on getting the right things, to the right place, at the right time, in the right quantity to achieve perfect work flow while minimizing waste and being flexible and able to change.

The key to this program’s success – from the sales office to the manufacturing floor – has been employee involvement. Our people are the ones performing individual tasks on a day-to-day basis; it is their ideas and suggestions that allow Gasser to effectively meet our customers’ demands.

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