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ISM 2013 MCI Videos

Note: These videos are intended for internal purposes only. They are to be used as training tools and not meant for external distribution.

We have supplied two options for the viewing of the MCI videos. The first option will allow you to view them through the Gasser Chair website in a high definition format. Due to the large size of the video files, it may take several minutes for the videos to load and play continuously. Once the file has fully loaded and been viewed in its entirety, it should play without interruption on future viewings.

However, if load time continues to be an issue, we have also uploaded the videos to YouTube. These files are private and will require that the following steps be completed before you can access and view the videos.

  1. If you do not have an existing YouTube Account, you will need to Create an Account.
  2. E-mail with the email address used during the YouTube Account setup.
  3. Once you have been given access, we will reply via email to let you know that you are able to begin viewing the videos.

View Videos Through Gasser Chair Website or View Videos Through YouTube